The dogs sleep next to whatever pen the birds are in if there is danger nearby.

So they would move from the dangerous place they’ve been sleeping while on patrol to the much safer place under the warmth of the pine trees.
It also has a much better gate on it. It’s closer to a water source than the little pen for winter. The garden needs a good fertilizing—I don’t think I need to explain that one. Maybe they’d kill off the horseradish that we’ve got a bumper crop of and none of us eat it.
the muscovies, who are very carnivorous could chase the mice and snakes out of the garden area for us. And maybe, just maybe lower the gopher and mole population for us.

By spring maybe God will have taken enough of the branches down we can bring the main trunk down safely. If not, maybe we’ll have time to get the big pen ready for the birds to go back to safely staying in it at night.
Now no one told the geese and ducks they need to be flexible. It took all three of us running laps tonight to get the birds to go into their new digs for the winter. In fact two of the ducks are in the small pen because they couldn’t be caught and they ran into that pen for security. We’ll try to get them moved again tomorrow night. I may just ask Jolie to do it for us. Dh seems to think three humans can herd birds better than one Aussie Collie Mix can. Some day he’ll hearn.
I’ll continue to let them out during the day, and they’ll soon get use to living and eating to their hearts content in the garden. Where once they learn to be more flexible about going into the garden for the night time they will definitely be safer.