I just wanted to write in and encourage all of you to do something

none of us likes to think about, estate planning. Some people automatically that they don’t need estate planning because they “don’t have much”, “don’t make much money”, “don’t have kids”, “don’t own a house”, etc. Even if all you own (or are paying on) is a house, you have more than enough. Also, even if you are renting but have minor children, then you need a plan. I encourage you to get a referral to a lawyer in your area who can do this … all states are different and you need one who practices in your state. In Louisiana where I live, a person can handwrite their own will and have it witnessed and notarized and call it good. However, this is probably not legal in all states. We did this with my mil and fil. If this is legal in your state and you just have a house some kids, you can designate what to do with your house and appoint guardians. If you do not appoint guardians, your kids may end up as wards of the state or with relatives you don’t want them living with.

I am writing in about this because we have had to start this because of our business. If you own a business you NEED NEED NEED to do estate planning. It is too complicated to do this on our own so we got a referral from an accountant friend in our town. The lawyer we went to see yesterday specializes in estate planning and goes at least once a year to training on this topic. There are some topics to consider we never considered before. For example, what happens to the business if we both die in a common accident? If we want it to close, who is going to take control to get it closed down? If we outlive our dd, what do we want to happen to our estate? If our dd outlives us what do we want to happen to our store?