Good day one and all

My first post from my new laptop 🙂 I can definitely get use to this living like no one else. Like Jeff we are starting to spend more money than we have in over 6 years.
So far all of our expenditures have been to steer us toward retiring. First, and most obvious is the new to us camper. Now this laptop. While we went the budget friendly route with both, they are both purchases we would not have made in the past. Instead of a brand new camper we went with a pre-owned as you already know.
Based on what I wanted to use it for I went with a less expensive computer instead of the top of the line like I would have purchased in the past. Let’s be blunt, I don’t need all those extra whistles and bells with the plans I have for the future. Now dh will get a little higher up the food chain on the computers when he buys his for on the road, but he will be probably doing a lot of photo editing. My dh is seriously doing a series of youtube videos on our travels. That will require a better computer than this one, as well as a good camera or two. Stay tuned for that adventure. Your thoughts on what you would like to see in those videos?
We are still plugging along on the second mortgage. Hopefully Jhon is going to back off for awhile. I am really getting tired of having to put on my big girl panties and fight that monster.
Our brief brush with him this week had the house slowly getting warmer and warmer. Something wasn’t right with the air conditioner. Considering it is nearly 30 years old you can imagine the panic we had setting in. Finally I suggested dh check the filter. It had only been a few months since he changed it, but he checked anyway.
Imagine his surprise to find the cooling unit in the closet completely iced over when he opened the closet door. Pulling the filter he saw why immediately. It was completely blocked. In less than six months no air was getting through the filter. He turned off the unit and let it thaw out while we went to purchase a new filter. In 117 heat index temps by the time we got back home large ice chunks were falling off the unit. We let it thaw a short while more. Then he installed the new filter and we held our breath as he turned the unit back on. Praise the Lord that was the problem. Cold air bellowed out of all the vents, the house temperature dropped quickly and more importantly the unit started cycling again. A $10 filter saved a massive repair/replace bill. YES! Dh says he is going to start checking the filter every 3 months in the future instead of every six now. When was the last time you checked your air conditioning filter?
Also on the good news front, ds’ total brake job on the front end of his Colorado came in $100 less than estimated. Sweet.
We worked more and more on the camper organizing it, culling items we no longer feel we need for the camper and made a run to Goodwill to drop off some electronics that still work, but we no long use.
Be warned I have been working on a blog post today about our organizational plans for retirement. How we plan to travel and what all we need to do to prepare for retirement, which is getting closer and closer.
Still haven’t got our refund check on the extended warranty, but I have traced it through the food chain and know the permission to issue it has been given and it is now in the bookkeepers office to be issued. They have two more days then it will be desk time. I have a mortgage I want to put that $714 on!