with DH’s early retirement and changing directions,

all this needs to be sorted out with regards to investments, insurance and such…..we aren’t as old as you and your DH, but we aren’t young either. I spent a good part of my 20’s taking care of my Gma Louise because she had alzheimers and my sister passed due to a car accident 14 yrs ago, so I’ve always been the one to push the get prepared button.

I’ve been spending more time reading up on business management, investments and other such stuff that I never really needed before—the house really needs a good cleaning because I’ve been doing all this reading.

The interesting thing about today’s meeting with the FP was that he mentioned everything on my list to look into in the next few weeks.

I think more often than not, something in life complicates estate planning–business

special needs kids or siblings, chronic illness, etc. dh and I both had mothers who had alzheimers. My maternal grandfather also had it. All died from something else but suffered with alzheimers for years. It is imperative we deal with living wills and powers of attorney for this reason. We don’t want dd left having to make decisions without knowing our wishes. We probably also ought to look into long term care insurance even though we are not yet at the magical age of 60 per DR. Dh is 56, soon to be 57. I am just shy of 52. We don’t want this awful disease to wipe out everything so we have nothing to leave dd.

For all the young adults on this list, which I consider anyone under 40, it is important for you to do estate planning as well. Over the years we have known people in their 40’s or younger who died suddenly— even some who were very healthy and even very athletic.

As we know there is a 100% chance of death.