Harsh stuff. But important stuff.

We might be about to get embroiled in the other end of this topic, as the “inheritors” of this very issue. The landlord we rent farmland from, is starting to withdraw fro the day-to-day running of his farm business and management of his farm property, due to advancing age and related health issues. Our relationship with him and his family is complicated – there’s the personal aspect of being something akin to another pair of kids in his household, there’s the financial aspect of the land we rent and the ways our two farm businesses have started to overlap and intertwine, and then the legal, financial and taxation issues involved with a large tract of land shifting ownership even as the business operation on that land continues. All the below questions, we’re starting to ask, and they’re starting to ask, and we’re gingerly starting to talk to each other about it. It’s a VERY uncomfortable topic, proactively addressing the end of a working life or the end of life in general, and what to do afterwards. But yes, it’s crucial. And I’ll toss in that even as we’re trying to navigate the above situation, we’re also starting to think about how best to address our own assets, business, plans and preferences in case either or both of us meet an untimely demise.