Over a month ago I posted a query about using tvp in ground beef

Since then I have used plain tvp in every ground beef dish other than hamburgers—where I’m afraid it would be spotted– I’ve cooked. Up until tonight neither man has made any comment about any change in texture, taste or anything. I personally have noticed none, so I wasn’t surprised.

Tonight I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. To the 1# of ground beef I added the usual ¼ c of tvp I’ve been using for about 6 weeks now. This ends up to being the equivalent of about 1.5# of “ground beef”.
I did something a little different tonight. I did a much shorter soak than I’ve been doing and I used beef broth instead of plain water. Both men ate until they nearly exploded, both asked if I’d done something different stating these were the best spaghetti meatballs I’d ever made. I simply replied “I mixed them up a little differently” and used olive oil in the pan when browning them. This was true, and neither asked what I did different in mixing, so my cover was not blown.
I have to agree with them, the meatballs were much better with the beef broth flavored tvp than when I made them with just plain ground beef. They cooked up a little crisper than normal and held their shape much better. There was enough leftover, due to the “additional” ½ pound of “meat” that both men will have spaghetti and meatballs for work lunches tomorrow.
I know eventually one of them is going to see the jar of tvp in the pantry and get around to asking me what it’s for and of course I’ll tell them the truth, but the longer we go and the more meals I use it for they rave about the better they’ll accept the concept.